People are making bouquets out of chicken nuggets for Valentine's day

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Flowers may be pretty, but they are also useless. In many ways, they’re a hopeless representation of true love - they bloom quickly before shrivelling into a desiccated, foul-smelling husk, leaving you with an ugly reminder of what was once beautiful but is now dead. No one wants that staring at them from across the living room. 

Nuggets, on the other hand, are much more appropriate. Though they too will inevitably decay, they are at least delicious - a source of sustenance and joy whether you’re cripplingly hungover, or just feeling thoroughly down in the dumps. After all, isn’t that sort of support what a relationship is really about? 

Given this revelation about the metaphorical value of breaded poultry, it should come as no surprise to learn that there is a nugget-based Valentine’s trend stealing headlines and hearts. Namely, some sensible couples are setting out to woo one another with gifts of nugget bunches. Who says romance is dead (or, not extremely tasty)?

Check out our insanely delicious recipe for French Toast Nuggets:

The trend has actually been around for a while, with images of nuggets on sticks, adorned in lurid pink wrapping paper appearing for a few years. Several captions reveal that ingenious partners have been purchasing and then preparing the gifts themselves, showing that craftsmanship still has a place in courting. 

In fact, so popular has the trend proven that some professionals are even beginning to muscle in on the act. Floral specialists “Golden Tulips Atelier” are offering a variety of “Chicken Bouquets” on their website, with prices starting at $60 for a 15-piece nugget bunch. As the business states in their description:

“The long-awaited chicken nugget/wing bouquet is now up on our site! Send this to your loved ones for the perfect midday snack-indulgence. Add on mini heart balloons at $1.50 each for an extra touch of love!”

It might not be traditional, but the fact that the flower industry is incorporating fried chicken into their business model is proof that there’s no one way to show your love.