People are putting kiwifruit on pizza and it needs to stop now

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When it comes to the art of making the perfect pizza, it's fair to say that opinion is heavily divided. This simple dish is one of the most beloved foodstuffs in the world, and yet the many and varied options out there means that there's a lot of conflict between purists and more avant-garde pizza chefs.

For instance, do you like stuffed crusts? Do you think meat is a suitable topping? Should the base be thin or thick? With cheese or without? Italian style or New York? And don't even get us started on the controversy over pineapple.

For a far better alternative pizza, check out our Twisted recipe for how to make a Jala mac & cheese pizza:

But now a Reddit post has blown all those other arguments out of the water, and also ended up grossing out a fair few social media users in the process.

lThe trouble began when a Redditor with the handle u/nre1313 took to the subreddit sh*ttyfoodporn, to post an image of a large pizza that was seemingly topped with tomatoes, cheese, strips of ham, and weirdest of all, slices of green kiwifruit.

The Redditor captioned their post: "Kiwi pizza from a Danish pizzeria, an unholy abomination. [sic]" Not long after making the post, a number of social media users crawled out of the woodwork to express their feelings with the unconventional culinary creation, and suffice to say, not everyone was too happy with it.

For instance, someone with the handle ColonTurdis wrote: "I actually see this working with the right other ingredients. Kiwi has a similar flavor as pineapple. But that texture after cooking ?[sic]." Someone else going by the handle directhex added: "This is the slippery slope that permitting pineapple has resulted in."

However, maybe the kiwifruit pizza is exactly what will get your taste buds going? There's only one way to find out: by trying it out for yourself. But if you've enjoyed this article, then why not check out this defense of pineapple pizza.

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