People are reporting the seriously strange effect Burger King's new slushie is having on their poop

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Every Halloween, food companies across the world brainstorm radical new ways to make their products scary. In an industry where fear isn’t usually the first response you want your target market to have, this can be tricky. Every once in a while, however, a company comes up with a way of making something that should be delicious truly terrifying, usually completely by accident. This year, it has happened again.

Burger King, a brand famous for never missing an opportunity to exploit festive spirit, have had a history of successful Halloween specials. 2015’s Black Whopper was an instant classic, while last year saw the launch of an aggressive, clown-based campaign against McDonald’s. It might not be the first food that springs to mind when you think of October 31st, but Halloween is now bossed by the burger. Unfortunately, 2018 could spell the end of an era, thanks to a new slushie and what it can do to your poo.

Customers all over the world have been united this week after it was discovered that there’s more to the new frozen “Scary Black Cherry” slushie than meets the eye. Jet black and extremely yummy, the drink should be the perfect blend between sweet and sinister. Unfortunately, aside from the delicious taste of sour cherry and sugar, the slushie apparently turns your poop jet black. For anyone not expecting such a dramatic turn of events, the outcome is understandably terrifying.

Of course, black poo is the last thing that you would expect from a trip to your favourite fast food restaurant. But the strangeness apparently doesn’t stop there. Though the majority of customers have experienced near pitch black faeces, some have reported an entire spectrum of colours, ranging from neon blue to lurid green. Several Twitter users have even begun to self experiment - in order to determine the sheer variety of shades available.

The new slushie isn’t the first fast food promotion to produce an unusual scatological effect. One of the most infamous products in history, the “Albanese Sugar-free Gummy Bear”, was so potent that it could send even the most sturdy of stomach sprinting to the nearest bathroom with explosive and near instantaneous diarrhea. Experimenting with your food is all well and good, but it’s important to know what you might be getting yourself into.

Considering the somewhat surprising side effects produced by the slushie, reviews have actually been pretty positive. Customers have praised the taste of the drink and been wowed by the way it can stain your tongue and teeth black. What happens after you drink it is, apparently, a minor inconvenience.

Striking a balance between seasonal sensation and PR disaster is obviously  tricky. But, if there was a time of year to get people onside with something seriously disgusting, Halloween is surely it. It might not be the most traditional way to end an Autumnal meal, but it will certainly give you plenty to discuss after you’ve left the bathroom.