Pepsi MAX Espresso Martini Cafetiere

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This Christmas, it’s time to try a new tradition. Made with a refreshing mixture of freshly ground coffee, silky smooth vodka, delicious coffee liqueur and a cold can of Pepsi MAX, these espresso martini cafetieres are an ideal sharer for the holidays. Best enjoyed with friends, family, or anyone who fancies drinking something a little different. 

  • Make your coffee by combining the ground coffee and hot water in a cafetiere
  • Strain out once brewed and pour into a mixing jug, along with the coffee liqueur & vodka
  • Chill for 2-3 hours or till ready to serve
  • Pour chilled mix into the cafetière, pour in the Pepsi MAX and froth with strainer before serving
  • Fill glasses with ice and serve straight away