Pizza Hut has created a chicken skin pizza that smells of beer

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Say what you like about the rest of the animal, chicken skin is and always will be awesome. Anyone who tells you that breasts are the best bit is an idiot. If you can’t get excited about salty, crispy slivers, each flavoured like a supercharged potato chip, then I have nothing to say to you. You might as well be a vegetarian. 

Of course, I’m far from the only person who would prefer it if someone could just serve me a peeled a bucket of KFC. Last year, the company’s Indonesian outposts sent fans wild with the release of individual packets of crispy chicken skin, proving that the whole world has a healthy appetite for stuff that sounds slightly weird on paper. Now, however, another fast-food rival has taken crispy skin’s potential to the next level. 

Credit: Pizza Hut

Proving once again that Britain has a tragically conservative attitude to what can and can’t go on a pizza, Pizza Hut Phillippines has unveiled its attempt to get the whole world to fall in love with poultry rind. Dubbed the “Beer Pan Pizza”, the design features a pale beer sauce base and a topping of crushed, seasoned skin bits. 

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Perhaps even more impressively, the pizza - which comes with a “no hangovers guarantee”, according to the promotional material - has been designed to produce a pleasant beery waft as soon as the box is opened. 

The deep pan base is also laden with caramelised onions, chicken breast chunks, sweet Beer-BQ sauce and “beer sprinkles”. Whatever else it might be, it definitely won’t be bland. 

Provided you can get to the Phillippines, which in times like these is certainly not a given, the pizza will set you back anywhere between $6.86 and $10.50 USD. Fast food can be a divisive topic, but if you aren’t behind idea of a beer and chicken skin pizza, there really is no hope for you.