Pizza Roll Guts

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  • Pre heat oven to 220°C/440°F
  • Mix together grated cheddar and chopped pepperoni.
  • Roll pizza dough out into long strips and put the cheddar mix onto the dough. Pinch together to seal.
  • Start building your pizza intestine in a deep dish baking tray. Once you have done that, let rise for 30 minutes and then bake for 20 minutes.
  • Meanwhile make your pizza sauce. Oil and garlic go into a hot pan and let that sizzle for a few seconds. Add your passata, oregano, salt, pepper, sugar and basil leaf and simmer down for a few minutes.
  • Once your pizza guts are golden you can now put your tomato sauce over them and get a spoon to keep the shape of your pizza.
  • Cut and serve! Enjoy