Popeyes has created a new deep-fried strawberry cheesecake-stuffed pie

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It’s fair to say that the fried chicken fanatics at Popeyes have had a pretty stellar 12 months. Despite only taking the relatively uninspired step of sandwiching their chicken between two slices of bread, the internet went into total meltdown. You could be forgiven for thinking that they’d reinvented the fast food wheel, judging by the reaction. 

Following this wild success, the powers that be in the Popeyes kitchen have now decided to push the boat out a little further. Instead of adding a bun to an existing menu item, the famous chain has decided to turn their attention to desserts, offering customers the chance to sample an all-new deep-fried strawberry cheesecake-stuffed pie. If Twitter is anything to go by, the addition could cause just as much chaos as the aforementioned sandwich. 

According to a report by ChewBoom, the new pudding combines strawberry pie filling, graham cracker crumbs and cheesecake mix, all piped inside a turnover-style crust, not dissimilar to the classic McDonald’s apple pie. Allegedly retailing for just $1.29, it looks like a cheap and delicious way to wash down that signature sandwich. 

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Some commentators have spotted the similarities between this and a previous Popeyes’ release - dubbed the “Strawberry n’ Cream Cheese Pie” - from a few years prior. However, the addition of the graham crackers and strawberry pie elements mean that this is a totally different beast. 

While the new pie is yet to lead to the rioting, fights and general chaos caused by the fried chicken sandwich, the internet has nonetheless been extremely positive about the dish. One Twitterer wrote, “That strawberry cheesecake pie from Popeyes good asf,” while another added, “strawberry cheesecake pie from Popeyes is fckin bombb [sic.].”

January might be a notoriously miserable month, but, as Popeyes seem determined to prove, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t occasional rays of sunshine. Here’s hoping that this supposedly limited-time-only item is around long enough to make February bearable as well.