Pubs are now serving giant pigs in blankets wrapped in Yorkshire pudding

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To many, pigs in blankets are the understandable highlight of the Christmas menu. The fact that we inexplicably don’t wrap sausages in bacon for the rest of the year makes it all the more important to get your pork-on-pork fix while you can. 

Perhaps it’s this condensed timeframe that forces pig in blanket lovers to be creative as quickly as possible. Even though they’re a seasonal delicacy, every year sees an incredible variety of wrapped sausage produced for public consumption. 2019, luckily, has been no exception. 

Following in the footsteps of dozens of piggy pioneers up and down the country, pub chain Greene King has decided to get in on the blanket action. New for this year, the group’s 141 national “Flaming Grills” locations will be serving up the “Jingle Bells Hound” - a dish featuring two giant sausages wrapped in a quilt of Yorkshire pudding. 

The massive dish also comes complete with a helping of roast potatoes, more chopped pigs in blankets, and crumbled stuffing, all of which is supplemented by a booze-laced cheese sauce and a jug of hot gravy. 

Also included on the menu is the new festive wings challenge - a contest that pits entrants against a two-kilogram platter of chicken wings, served with more pigs in blankets, stuffing, cheese and cranberry sauces. Santa might struggle to take off if he takes a trip to Green King this year.

Check out our recipe for a Giant Christmas Yorkshire Pudding Burrito:

In a press release accompanying the promotion, Jane Byron, brand controller at Flaming Grill, said: 

“Christmas is a time for family and friends to get together and celebrate with seasonal food and drinks. The Jingle Bells Hound challenge is perfect for sharing with friends; it combines our favourite traditional festive foods in a fun and exciting way."

Since both dishes are absolutely enormous, there are potential prizes on offer for anyone with the stomach to tackle them solo. Successful diners will be awarded with a certificate, while the speediest will make an appearance on the pub’s “Wall of Fame”. Whether that’s worth risking a Christmas coronary episode is up to you.