Jalapeno Glazed Tenders with Ranch Crema

Fried chicken tenders with a spicy, pickled glaze. The perfect game day snack!

Done in 45 minutes

Serves 8

Ori Goldberg

Dish by Ori Goldberg

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This time, we're glazing tenders with a pickled jalapeño coating that is spicy, sweet and tangy, and pairing it with a rich and creamy ranch inspired crema. Load that up with fresh herbs and citrus and you've got an early contender for the best way to eat tenders...


Drain the jalapeños from their jar, and set aside. Add the tenders to the jalapeños brine, and leave to brine for 30 mins. 

Chop up the pickled jalapeños, and add them to a saucepan, with the water and sugar, with a pinch of salt, and simmer until thick and glossy.

This is quite a quick process so be prepared. Preheat oil to 180°c, and mix the spices and the dry dredge ingredients together. Remove half the dredge, and whisk in the sparkling water, mixing until loose and combined, but leaving bubbles and some lumps. 

Place the chicken into the dry dredge, then wet, and dry again, before carefully placing into the oil, and cooking for 7 minutes, or until they reach an internal temperature of 74°c (you can remove the tenders just before this, but keep checking the internal temperature. If it doesn't reach 74°c, fry again until they do!)

Mix together all the ranch cream ingredients in your chosen bowl, place in the middle of your platter. Wearing a glove and tongs, dip your tenders in the jalapeño glaze, and plate around the bowl of ranch crema.

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Ori Goldberg

Ori Goldberg

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