Reese's is reportedly launching a 'Big Cup' stuffed with potato chips

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Even if you’re the world’s biggest fan of sweet and salty snacks, there are some ideas that just seem a bit much. After all, it’s not many who take a bag of ready salted crisps and decide that what they really need is a thin layer of chocolate. 

However mad this idea might sound on paper, it hasn’t stopped some of the biggest snack-makers in the industry from trying to make it happen. Who can forget, for instance, Lay’s chocolate-covered wavy potato chips? For a long time, this was the gold standard for weird snacking. Now though, something may be coming to take things up a notch.

In what might be the strangest thing to happen to peanut butter since it was used to give a dog a manicure, legendary spread specialists Reese’s look set to be the latest brand to attempt a chocolate crisp crossover. 

According to a report by popular Instagrammer @junkfoodleaks, the Hershey subsidiary are on the verge of releasing a brand new “Big Cup”, loaded with a blend of peanut butter and crushed potato chips. 

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As the influencer explained in a caption accompanying the snap:

“They've taken a classic Reese's cup, and tossed potato chips in them. Yes. Salty, crunchy potato chips. To be frank, it seems like this odd salty mashup is all the rage lately. And I kinda get it…

“...this creation, which will be available soon I believe, is pretty spot on and WELL worth it if you like salty. I'll keep it real. It's too small of a chip ratio to really get as much as you'd need. What would be better is one big chip in the center of the cup. Other than that, it's cool-- and it's good.”

Even if it seems slightly unusual, there’s no doubt that the combination - if and when it eventually drops - will turn some heads. There has, as yet, been no official confirmation of release plans or even how much it might cost. Nonetheless, we’re still keeping everything crossed that we get to give it a go sooner rather than later.