Rick and Morty team up with Pringles for 'Pickle Rick' flavour

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Adult cartoon Rick and Morty is the absolute epitome of weird and wonderful in the world of television, with plenty of iconic moments. However, one episode, in particular, is a true standout - and that episode is the fantastic Pickle Rick.

As the title suggests, Rick turns himself into a pickle - and this very transformation quickly became a classic moment for fans of the animated sci-fi show.

This is the moment Morty meets Pickle Rick:

Well, according to Thrillist, fans of Rick and Morty will be pleased to hear that the show is paying tribute to Pickle Rick in a brand new partnership with Pringles. Yep, the pickle-flavored Pickle Rick Pringles will soon be available to buy and it will even be getting its own commercial during the 2020 Super Bowl.

Credit: Adult Swim

Gareth Maguire, senior director of marketing for Pringles said in a statement:

"We want to do something completely new for the brand for the 2020 Big Game and are thrilled to be partnering with Adult Swim and Rick and Morty, a show which continues to grow in popularity year after year and enjoys a cult fan following. We hope the new special edition Pickle Rick flavor will be a hit with the show's fans."

Credit: Adult Swim

Adult Swim senior vice president for marketing and partnerships Jill King had this to say:

"We're very thoughtful about who we partner with around Rick and Morty and we couldn't be more pleased with our new relationship with Pringles. Not only are the Rick and Morty show creators making a hilarious spot for the Big Game, we're extending this partnership in really exciting ways, all year long. Rick and Morty fans are going to be given amazing new opportunities to illustrate their love for this iconic show, thanks to Pringles."

The snack will be available to buy from February 2.

This article originally appeared on VT.co