Shake Shack is serving a brand new pizza burger with focaccia buns

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Burgers have come a long way since someone first decided to stuff ground beef into a sandwich. Though the traditional tastes and ingredients are still an important part of the canon, cooks have enjoyed much greater creative freedom in recent years. Sticking religiously with mince, bacon and cheese now seems like a wasted opportunity. 

As experts in audacious burger recipes, American chain Shake Shack are no strangers to odd ingredients. Even though the menu already includes everything from “Shroom Burgers” to peanut butter-topped secret surprises, the brand’s latest offering might be its most daring to date. Today, and only today, fans can get their hands on a limited edition Shake Shack pizza burger. 

Credit: Shake Shack

Made in collaboration with popular New York pizzeria Mama’s TOO, the design is actually much more sophisticated than other previous pizza-burger mash-ups. According to the Shake Shack website:

“The Mama’s TOO! Burger is a double cheeseburger topped with Stracciatella cheese, spicy ‘Nduja tomato sauce, bitter greens and crispy garlic on Mama’s TOO! homemade focaccia baked with parmesan, mozzarella, and rosemary.”

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Set to retail for $10.49, the sandwich will be available exclusively from 11 AM today (27/8) for one day only, and can only be ordered through the Shake Shack app. 

Reaction to the new release has been one of real excitement. One commenter on Instagram enthusiastically wrote, “Out of control amazing! Can’t wait to try more sandwiches.” Another added, “I just drooled on my phone”.

Credit: Shake Shack

Even if you’re a traditionalist when it comes to sandwiches, it’s hard not to get excited about something with this many awesome ingredients. The only downside is that it’s only available for one day. Better move fast!