Skittles debuts new Sour Skittles-infused ice cream bars

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If you’re shopping responsibly, it’s usually an either-or between ice cream and candy. Unless you’re a hyperactive nine-year-old who’s been given the run of the Sainsbury’s sweet section, pints of Ben and Jerry’s surrounded by gummy bears can cause quite a serious case of basket-shaming, if you’re unlucky enough to draw a particularly judgemental cashier. 

Thankfully for everyone who has ever tried to bury their goodies between drab lettuce and bland carrots, like a self-conscious squirrel, one of the world’s most iconic candy brands has come up with a way to combine the two sweet dishes into one handy packet. Say hello to new Sour Skittles ice cream bars. 

The new product, which has been spotted across supermarkets in the UK, promises “fruity flavour ice cream with candies wrapped in a sour fruit sorbet.” Looking and sounding like a supercharged, radioactive Solero, expectations will be high for a treat that’s trying to improve upon what is already a pretty perfect sweet. 

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A preliminary review of the new Skittles ice cream was provided by popular British food Instagram account “newfoodsuk”, who explained: 

“Crazy Sours @skittles Ice Cream sticks now at @icelandfoods £1.50 ? these are very sour! So if you like sour stuff you will love these.”

If the reviews on the Iceland website are anything to go by, reaction to the new treats has already been pretty positive, with all four reviews awarding a maximum of five stars out of five. One reviewer was particularly excited, writing:

“Epic on another level it's like a sour Magnum with little bits of sour Skittles on the inside the ice cream Is epic creamy ice cream.”

When we all are eventually able to enjoy ice cream outside in the summer sun once again, it’s good to know that we’ll have something suitably delicious to look forward to.