Slow cooker bacon and cheese bread is the internet's favourite new baking hack

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Cheese, bacon and bread were born to be together. Ask anyone who’s ever sampled the salty, greasy joy of steaming hot cheddar and bacon baguette and they will tell you that nothing fixes a bad mood faster than handheld pork and carbs. It is the piggy panacea to food misery. It is the combination that proves definitively why sandwiches are superior to just about everything else. 

When you have such a perfect starting point, reinventing the cheese, bacon and bread wheel could seem pretty pointless. That said, any excuse to try a riff on something this tasty is going to be fine by most people. This might explain why “slow cooker bacon and cheese bread” has become the internet's new favourite baking hack. 

Popularised by a recipe shared on the much-loved Facebook group Slow Cooker Recipe & Tips, the recipe is as straightforward as it is delicious. A simple blend of dough, grated cheese, bacon and time, the dish is perhaps the ultimate combo of classic comfort eating and modern technology. 

Try this recipe for Garlic Bread Chips With Bacon Cheese Dip:

According to the instructions, anybody wanting to recreate the recipe will simply need to combine “3 cups of self raising flour, 2 cups of warm water (and) 1/2 teaspoon of salt”. The recipe continues:

"Mix(ing) it all together add [whatever] ingredients you like, bacon, onion, olives, cheese, pineapple etc mix them through and add to the top once in the slow cooker. Line the slow cooker with baking paper and spray with cooking as well. Cook on high for 1 and a half hours and check, but mine didn’t cook for 2 hours. Then pop under the grill to crisp."

Thanks to the inordinate amount of time that people suddenly have to potter around their kitchen, messing around with bread has never looked so tempting.

Now that we know how to make something that looks this delicious, the sky’s the limit...