Slow cooker bolognese and garlic bread "basket" recipe takes the internet by storm

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Garlic bread goes brilliantly with basically anything, but one particularly ingenious home cook has found a way to significantly up the ingredient’s wow-factor. In a post shared with the perennially popular Facebook group ‘Slow Cooker Recipe and Tips’, an Australian woman - as reported by The Daily Mail - has stunned the internet with an indulgent and innovative approach to bolognese. 

Say goodbye to sloppily twizzling pasta on an inconveniently sized fork - the bolognese bread basket is here to prove that pasta is occasionally unnecessary. 

The recipe in question features an inverted “crown” of garlic bread, cooked on the inside of a slow cooker to form a crispy casing, stuffed with a precooked bolognese sauce and plenty of cheese. The end result is a multi-layered cheesy lasagna that brings bolognese and bread together like never before. 

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According to the detailed instructions that accompany the appetising images of the dish, the key is to place the buttery side of the bread against the slow cooker in order to help it crisp up. As the full recipe explains, you must:

“Fry 1 large onion diced and Brown 1kg mince then drain the fat and add a jar of sun dried tomato pasta bake sauce 2 tablespoons tomato paste stir through then spray inside the slow cooker and cut up a loaf of garlic bread into pieces and place butter side down inside sc like a crown add some shredded cheese then place meat filling inside then cover with more cheese like photo and place on low for 4 hours.”

Responses to the dish were predictably positive, with one group member commenting, “when am i coming to yours for dinner,” and another adding, “Now that’s what u call a sloppy joe lol [sic.].”

While it’s hard to go wrong with a meaty cheesy bread bowl on any occasion, this inventive take on the classic combination proves that, if you’re prepared to put in the extra effort, it’s still possible to take things to the next level.