Snoop Dogg has launched his own meat-free donut burger with Dunkin'

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For the first time in history, a Dogg’s dinner actually sounds delicious. A new collaboration between iconic donut purveyors Dunkin’ and legendary rapper Snoop Dogg has hit stores for one week only in the form of a totally veggie donut sandwich. All you need is some gin and juice, and you have yourself a serious meal. 

Dubbed the “Beyond D-O-Double G Sandwich”, the burger features to iced donut buns and a Beyond Sausage patty, plus egg and cheese. Although it will only be available until January 19th, the dish’s arrival has already caused quite the stir. 

According to an extensive press release provided as part of the promotion, the new burger was “Inspired by Snoop Dogg's passion for plant-based protein and love of glazed donuts.” The release goes on to state:

“Dunkin' is welcoming the new decade by shining the spotlight on one of its most significant menu introductions in recent brand history, the Beyond Sausage® Sandwich. In the starring role is none other than Beyond Meat® Ambassador/Investor Snoop Dogg, collaborating with Dunkin' on a limited-time-only menu hack and an online pop-up shop, and appearing in a new national TV spot.”

Watch As Snoop Dogg Unveils The New Beyond D-O-Double G Sandwich On Instagram:

According to the Dogg-father himself:

"When I got the chance to work at Dunkin' for the Beyond Sausage Sandwich launch, I got to thinking about what other Beyond Meat sandwiches we could create. Being around my favorite glazed donuts got me inspired, so today we are dropping The Beyond D-O-Double G Sandwich at Dunkin' restaurants nationwide." 

Aside from the food, the release also revealed plans for a new pop-up shop featuring donut-themed clothing, adding:

The Beyond Collection by Dunkin' x Snoop will offer exclusive apparel such as a green tracksuit – inspired by Snoop's outfit in the Dunkin' ad – emblazoned with the words "Glazzzed for Days" on the back, joggers featuring Dunkin' and Beyond icons and the word "Glazzzzy" down the leg; as well as a bomber jacket, sweatshirt, t-shirts and a beanie.

In addition to the delicious-sounding sandwich and snazzy attire, Dunkin’ and Snoop are also hosting their own “Beyond Bash” on the 24th and 25th of January, where guests will be able to enjoy “complimentary sample(s) of the Beyond Sausage Sandwich”. Even if you aren’t enticed by Snoop Dogg’s taste in clothing, January looks set to be a seriously exciting time for anyone looking for an appetising meat alternative.