Sonic has a new milkshake made with edible brownie batter

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Everyone knows that the tastiest bit of baking happens before anything actually goes into the oven. You can’t claim to have proper baking credentials until you’ve spent a frantic five minutes feverishly licking the back of a batter-covered spoon. It’s the baker’s equivalent of graduation. 

However, just because it’s awesome doesn’t mean that eating batter is risk-free. Anyone who’s spent the aftermath of a bowl-scraping session desperately clamped to the toilet knows that there are often unpleasant side effects. Therefore, anyone who manages to combine the joys of batter eating with health and safety is surely onto a winner. Thankfully for everyone, Sonic has done just that. 

The popular drive-in destination has long been the go-to for outrageously indulgent drinks. Last year, for instance, the brand amazed everyone with the introduction of a peanut-packed Reese’s shake. This year, however, Sonic seems to have outdone itself with the creation of an all-new “Brownie Batter” shake, made with an irresistible blend of vanilla ice cream and edible brownie batter. Yum. 

Try this delicious Fudgy Gluten-Free Brownie recipe:

Available from now through to the beginning of August, the new drink is causing a stir online. A photo of the shake on popular Instagram account Candy Hunting has generated nearly 6,000 likes and a string of positive comments from excited fans. 

Even more excitingly for pre-bake devotees, the chain has also introduced a second, slightly more niche shake to try and corner the market. Alongside the brownie batter option, customers can choose a Yellow Cake Batter shake - also available through to the 2nd of August. 

It goes without saying that nothing beats the delicious danger of eating raw cake mix straight from the bowl. However, if you’re keen to replicate the experience while avoiding any of the unpleasant side effects, these two options from Sonic look like an excellent place to start.