Taco Bell has created all-new "Buffalo Chicken Nacho Fries"

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Taco Bell’s eternal battle with the humble French fry is a source of fascination and frustration for anyone invested in the fast-food industry. As everyone who’s ever boiled a potato will tell you, things improve exponentially once you add oil. It’s one of Newton’s Laws that doesn’t get the attention it deserves

Despite this, the world’s leading purveyor of faux-Mexican meals has been shockingly resistant to including them on the menu. This has forced customers to put up with an array of weird, unappetising side dishes, when all they really want is a bowl of chips. But, in what may signal a change of heart from the powers that be, there are signs that Taco Bell is starting to take the rest of the world’s obsession seriously. 

Alongside the return of their beloved “Nacho Fries” the chain has announced the introduction of a brand-new side dish - namely, “Buffalo Chicken Nacho Fries”. With the chips set to hit stores on January 30th, it looks like it could be an excellent end to what’s been a fairly miserable month.

Check out Tom's take on Next Level Chicken Nachos:

Allegedly costing around $2.99, the dish is a step up from the standard $1.39 Nacho Fries. According to a press release provided by Taco Bell

“Buffalo Chicken Nacho Fries come boldly seasoned and topped with shredded chicken, shredded cheddar cheese, warm Nacho Cheese sauce, pico de gallo, reduced fat sour cream, and then drizzled with Taco Bell's first-ever tangy buffalo sauce.”

To make matters even more exciting, the press release also revealed that the new fries will also be available “in a burrito for $2.99”, meaning that there’s no need for deconstructing and stuffing your Taco Bell orders. Even though the restaurant is inexplicably reluctant to get behind French fries, there’s no doubt that this development makes the menu much more exciting.