Taco Bell introduces huge 9-inch "Triplelupa" stuffed with three flavours of taco

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Taco Bell might be about as Mexican as Tyson Fury in a sombrero, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t delicious. One of the reasons why the brand has been able to get away with appropriation on such a massive scale is that its menu goes to places that no other restaurant dares tread. It takes guts to serve something called a “Double Decker Supreme Taco” with a straight face.

For all the mad things to have come out of the Taco Bell kitchen, one dish has fascinated and infuriated diners more than any other. Based on the Mexican staple of the same name, the Taco Bell Chalupa has variously been coated with cheddar, made of chicken and, on occasion, filled with smaller tacos. It’s a real salsa smorgasbord. Now, the world’s most enigmatic chain has decided to up the ante again with its most outrageous chalupa yet. 

This year, anyone desperate to avoid medical advice and share their dinner with anyone and everyone can tuck into the caterpillar-like “Triplelupa”. Like a tasty taco centipede, the Triplelupa staples together three individual chalupas, filling them with three separate flavours to create one enormous dish. After being tested in 2018 and 2019, this is the dish's most extensive outing yet.

Combining three mini chalupas to create the longest shell in Taco Bell history, the Triplelupa marks Taco Bell’s first ever tear-apart menu item. Credit: Taco Bell

According to a press release accompanying the announcement:

“(T)he Triplelupa marks Taco Bell's first ever tear-apart menu item. It takes all elements of the Chalupa to the next level with different flavors in each of its mini shells: Nacho Cheese on one end, Chipotle on the other, and a combination of the two, Cheesy Chipotle, in the middle.”

When you wedge three dishes together, there truly is something for everyone. 

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In a statement, Kristine Futalan, Associate Manager of Research & Development at Taco Bell, revealed:

"At Taco Bell, we recognize and love the fandom that the Chalupa has cultivated over the years, and it's why we want to bring our fans an all-new flavor and shell experience with the Triplelupa. The Triplelupa's nationwide launch gives us the opportunity to celebrate the transformation of this beloved menu item, and we can't wait for everyone to taste this latest innovation."

Since the Chalupa’s introduction in 1999, the beloved menu item has continuously transformed in shape, form and ingredients to become the most reinvented Taco Bell menu item of all time. Credit: Taco Bell

The Triplelupa is set to cost just $3.49 plus tax at participating restaurants and looks likely to be available nationwide from March 12th. It might be intimidating, and even slightly alarming, but there’s no doubt that the dish makes an impression.