Taco Bell is bringing back Nacho Fries with a mystery new 'flavour innovation'

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Despite all the evidence suggesting that almost all fast food fans have a serious thing for French fries, Taco Bell has historically been pretty reluctant to put them on the menu. Small wonder, then, that when the business introduced their now-notorious Nacho Fries back in 2018, pseudo-Mexican meal fanatics lost their minds. 

However, even though the crunchy chips with a cheesy dip became the most successful launch in the chain’s history, happy diners were left distraught when Taco Bell inexplicably withdrew them from menus last year. The mood among supporters was understandably mutinous. But, despite the brand’s propensity for strange French fry decisions, it now looks like Taco Bell lovers are in for a cheesy treat. 

In an announcement made this week, the chain announced that their Nacho Fries will be back on the menu as of January 30th - this time, with an exciting twist. In a cryptic press release, a spokesperson revealed that the fries will feature a “flavor innovation” unlike anything the restaurant has seen before. 

Detail on what the new innovation might involve remains sketchy. However, the Taco Bell spokesperson confidently declared that the item’s "all-new flavor innovation (is) sure to receive critical and fan acclaim."

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This teasing has set tongues wagging, with hundreds of Taco Bell lovers taking to the internet to express their excitement. One Twitterer declared, “22 days until nacho fries are back at taco bell and i can taste happiness again,” while another added, “Okay I know I’m slowly dying from this flu, but TACO BELL NACHO FRIES ARE COMING BACK IN FEBRUARY I’M LOSING MY S**T.”

Continually giving and taking such a popular item clearly comes with risks. However, if the reaction on social media is anything to go by, it looks like the reformulated fan favourite is set to be a big hit for Taco Bell. The 30th can’t come soon enough.