Taco Bell is giving away free tacos this Tuesday

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It’s no secret that our current situation has been bad news for the restaurant industry. Everyone, from top-end eateries to fast food favourites, has been forced to drastically change their business model as both they and their customers contend with COVID-19. Many have been forced to shut up shop altogether. Others have adopted a newfound philanthropic approach to service. 

Like many of the biggest names in the industry, Taco Bell has decided to pitch in with a greasy donation. After competitors like McDonald’s and Krispy Kreme pledged their support to healthcare workers, the California-based Tex Mex giant has now also got involved, offering customers free Doritos Locos tacos this Tuesday. 

In an extensive email addressed to every Taco Bell fan, the restaurant’s CEO Mark King outlined exactly what steps the restaurant would be taking during the pandemic. As he explained:

“There’s a distinct group of brave people – from healthcare workers, to teachers, to grocery store employees – who are making sure the world keeps running, and we need to make sure we all do our part to take care of them. Around the world, our franchisees have committed to feeding these special individuals, and in the U.S., many of our franchisees have quickly mobilized to do the same. Beginning next week, we are turning all of our Taco Trucks into mobile commissaries, bringing food to community heroes and those who work in essential roles every day.”

“While most of our restaurants are operating only through the drive-thru, this leaves some truck and ambulance drivers unable to quickly order from us. We are working with our franchisees on a solution for this where possible, and we want to make sure this group knows how much we appreciate everything they’re doing.”

In a subsection entitled “We’re All In This Together”, King explained the Doritos Locos promotion, stating:

“I continue to be in awe of the heart we are seeing in this country, so we want to show our appreciation by giving everyone in America who rolls up to a Taco Bell drive-thru at a participating location a free Nacho Cheese Doritos Locos Tacos this Tuesday, March 31st, while supplies last. It’s a small way for us to say thank you for the ways you’re showing up for your communities and our chance to give you a little TLC during this time. We also know that for many of you, delivery is more than just an option – it’s a necessity. We’ve expanded our free delivery offer through GrubHub for all orders $12 and up to make it easier for you.”

King also revealed that the brand is planning to fund another social enterprise during the outbreak, adding:

“I’m incredibly proud to say that the Taco Bell Foundation is donating $1 million to No Kid Hungry, a national campaign to end childhood hunger in America. We’re also working to turn on our Round Up program and invite you to take part in this if you so choose. When going through our drive-thru at participating locations, you will be able to ‘round-up’ to the nearest dollar and all funds raised will also go to No Kid Hungry.”

“In addition, we’ll be working with our restaurants and distribution centres to donate excess food and produce to local food banks to provide meaningful support to our communities in times of need.”

This may be a difficult time for everyone, but there are still reasons to be cheerful.