Taco Bell is giving out free tacos on every Tuesday in August

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It’s fair to say we could all use a free pick me up. After what’s been the most miserable start to a summer since a rogue shark discovered just how delicious the citizens of Amity island are, spirits are at a low ebb. Everyone would benefit from something complimentary and delicious. 

Fortunately for all the forlorn foodies dotted across the UK, Tex Mex restaurant chain Taco Bell is trying to deliver just that. In news that will turn everyone’s lockdown frown upside down, the brand is offering free tacos to every customer throughout August at every single one of its 45 Britsh-based sites. Cue celebrations. 

Unlike most fast food bribes, Taco Bell’s offer is relatively catch-free. The offer grants a customer one free crunchy taco, with no other purchase necessary. All you will have to do is download the Taco Bell app, make your choice between beef, chicken, or black beans as a filling, and wait for your reward. 

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The only downside is that you have to be physically present in the store to redeem the offer (so no sneaking free food through Deliveroo) and that you’ll only be able to claim once per Tuesday. Given, however, that you’ll benefit from the delicious double whammy of saving a whopping £1.19 and enjoying a crunchy cheese and lettuce-laced treat, these seem like small sacrifices in the scheme of things. 

In a statement elaborating on the new promotion, Gino Casciani, regional director for Taco Bell Europe, declared:

“Our brand is all about treating our fans with unexpected good, and what better way to do that than with free tacos. This is our way of thanking our fans for coming together during such a difficult time and prevailing together as a nation.”

May, June and July might have been slightly rocky, to say the least, but at least August looks set to be significantly more positive.