Taco Bell's new Pineapple Freeze is the perfect summer slushie

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Now that we’re waving goodbye to spring, we can start to seriously think about what we’re going to be drinking this summer. Last year was all about White Claw, not that this was necessarily a bad thing. 2020, however, promises to be altogether fruitier thanks to a surprisingly delicious fast food release. 

New from popular Tex-Mex superstars Taco Bell, customers can now get their hands on a seriously refreshing “Pineapple Freeze”. Part of the chain’s popular Freeze range, the new drink has already been coronated the official bev of the summer by several prominent media outlets, causing fans around the world to fall into semifreddo meltdown.

Retailing for just $2.69 at participating restaurants, the new drink is explicitly designed to dominate the warm weather drink convo. As it says on the Taco Bell website:

“No need to even look at the calendar, the first official day of summer is whenever the Pineapple Freeze decides it is...Simply put, the Pineapple Freeze is meant to complement summer.”

If that doesn’t spell bad news for hard seltzers and cocktails, then nothing will.

For the most part, early reviews of the drink have been pretty much universally positive. Instagrammer @bigal_2_fital, for instance, accompanied her snap of the drink with the glowing caption:

“This is the best thing ever!!! It’s the new pineapple whip slushy at Taco Bell!! And it’s only 160 calories!!! I thought it was gonna be so much more and I had to try it. It’s so delicious!!! Add some Malibu Rum and we’d be good to go!”

Serving slushies in summer might not sound much like breaking new ground, but if this one can live up to the hype then we might have to reset our soft drink expectations.