Target have just launched an entire kitchenware collection based on "The Nightmare Before Christmas"

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Just because no one can agree whether “The Nightmare Before Christmas” is a Halloween or Christmas movie doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy it all year round. It might be the middle of summer, but no one can stop you belting out “What’s This?” if you feel like it. With this in mind, now seems the ideal time to draw attention to the coolest collection of “Nightmare”-inspired kitchenware that we’ve ever come across. 

Based on Tim Burton’s classic, American retailer Target is now offering customers a range of items, each honouring an aspect of the film. For instance, shoppers can get their claws on everything ranging from Jack and Sally salt and pepper shakers to moribund ceramic bowls, inscribed with a sombre “Always meant to be” epitaph. For anyone who likes their food to be inflected by the gothic, it’s the ideal excuse to get shopping. 

In addition to the aforementioned crockery, Target are also offering Jack and Sally-style mugs, resplendently coloured and looking significantly more scary than the salt and pepper set. To complete the look as you fly about your Halloween Town bedecked kitchen, the retailer also provide a Jack Skellington apron, adding to the atmosphere and doubling as an extremely budget Halloween costume, should you be so inclined. It will certainly help make an impression at your next dinner party. 

Of course, if you’re truly committed to maintaining a gruesome kitchen, there are further steps that can be taken. For instance, alongside the “Nightmare Before Christmas” memorabilia, Target also provide copies of Zach Neil’s “Nightmare Before Dinner” cookbook, the official recipe guide to the chef’s horror heavy Beetle House restaurant group. Here, you can find recipes perfectly pitched to cater for spooky dinner parties, including a Skellington-inspired cocktail. Halloween may yet be a way off, but there’s no reason why that should stop you letting out your inner goth at every opportunity.