TGI Friday's new burger is stuffed with cheesy fries and loaded with a crispy potato skin

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Ironically for a brand that bangs on about the quality of their flame-grilled beef, the most exciting thing that Burger King did last year was to stuff chips in a sandwich. As anyone who’s ever eaten a chip butty will attest, Burger King’s decision to put it on the menu was a seriously exciting moment. Given the euphoria around the release, it’s hardly surprising that others have followed suit. 

Picking up from where Burger King left off, famed diner chain TGI Fridays has put all its chips on the table - proverbially and literally - with a new sandwich stuffed to bursting with carby deliciousness. Dubbed the “Loaded Cheese Fry Burger”, the dish features the chain’s signature cheeseburger, topped with a fistful of cheesy bacon fries and garnished with a crispy potato skin. It’s like the chip butty discovered testosterone. 

Watch Hugh make his incredible Halloumi Tikka Burger:

Available at “participating locations”, as per the brand’s Instagram account, the incredulously cheesy treat is also enhanced by a deluge of poblano queso dip. The menu also states that the sandwich comes laden with lettuce, tomato, red onions, and pickles, while the added potato skin features extra cheese and bacon bits. All in all, it’s every bit as indulgent as you’d expect a “Loaded Cheese Fry Burger” to be.

Given that showing anybody a photo of the irresistible sandwich is tantamount to teasing someone who’s stuck in a desert with a picture of a swimming pool, it shouldn’t come as a shock to learn that reaction to the burger has been almost universally euphoric. Comments on the brand’s Instagram account included, “Um, so I will definitely get this over the weekend,” and, “I’ll be trying this tomorrow!” One user even dubbed the dish a “Burguergasm”.

Multiple reports suggest that, while prices may vary depending on location, the Loaded Cheese Fry Burger will be available for around $12. Given that it ticks just about every savoury treat box going, this seems like a more than reasonable price to pay.