The "biggest Sunday Roast in London" is a massive tower of meat

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Roasts in London are a risky business. Despite being the iconic ingredient in the British culinary landscape, finding a good one can be seriously tricky. The same thing that makes a quintessential family Sunday roast so special is exactly what makes it so hard to recreate in a restaurant. Sometimes, all the Michelin Stars and rave reviews in the world just can’t stack up against Mum’s gravy. 

That being said, there are occasions when the professionals do manage to do a roast dinner justice. Often, this can be because of a special twist or added extra that would be hugely impractical to reproduce at home. In the case of Soho steakhouse Blacklock, it comes in the form of a meat tower that makes Babel look like Blackpool. 

As per the website, the restaurant sits “in the basement of an old brothel in a side street in Soho.” Not particularly auspicious surroundings for a game-changing roast, you might think. But Blacklock defies expectations by dedicating their Sundays to a proper roast experience, providing diners with a mountain made of all of the meal’s most delicious components on one packed plate. 

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The “All In” delivers a mixture of “Middlewhite Pork Loin”, “55-Day Aged Beef Rump Cap”, and “Cornish Lamb Leg”, piled into a fleshy peak on top of Yorkshire pudding, duck fat potatoes, mixed roasted vegetables and the restaurant’s signature gravy. To call it spectacular is to misunderstand spectacle. It is monstrous. 

Understandably for a dish of this size, the restaurant recommends that a minimum of two people attempt to tackle it, with a cost of £20 per person. The quantity of food can also be adjusted and increased depending on the number of diners, meaning that there's no need to worry about going hungry. Compared to the other roasts, which only feature one of the three meats, it’s certainly a more straightforward way to sample the full wealth of what’s on offer. 

Even though the “All In’s” impressive dimensions would make it easy to dismiss it as a stunt, Blacklock is about more than giant portions. The restaurant is consistently named as serving one of the best roasts in the city, as well as the largest. All too often, giant dinners focus on size to the detriment of flavour. Here, you can have your humungous cake and eat it.