The Cheesecake Factory is releasing its own line of "cheesecake" ice cream

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A trip to The Cheesecake Factory is all about excess. Any restaurant that serves a 2,800 calorie plate of nachos and has a menu that looks like a nineteenth-century novella is clearly less than delicate when it comes to their dishes.

It follows, then, that sampling what The Factory has to offer from the comfort of your own home is going to be just as over the top.

From individual slices to complete cakes, America’s favourite indulgent pitstop has already established its own line of tempting treats to enjoy at home. However, as per a story unearthed by People, it looks like hungry customers will soon be able to add Cheesecake Factory ice cream to their shopping lists. 

Check out our recipe for Giant Millionaire Shortbread Cheesecake:

Made in collaboration with Wells Enterprises, the new seven-strong range of frozen desserts is so much more exciting than what you might expect from a typical restaurant-branded ice cream. The tubs have actually been made with The Cheesecake Factory’s signature cream cheese blend, making them literal “cheesecake ice creams”, as opposed to just being faintly flavoured. 

The full range of new flavours includes, according to People, Birthday Cake, Chocolate, Cookies & Cream, Key Lime, Original, Salted Caramel, and Strawberry. Each variety is made with the signature cream cheese blend, as well as sour cream to deliver a truly Philly-esque finish. 

The report suggests that the pints won’t actually hit stores until March, so we can’t all stock up on Birthday Cake ice cream quite yet. However, when the flavours finally do drop, a press release provided by the company has stated that the 14-oz cartons will retail for $4.99. At least we’ll have plenty of time to save up the $35 necessary to sample all seven flavours.