The internet is obsessed with making breakfast cereal out of homemade waffles

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It’s inevitable that, as we all find ourselves with a lot more time to consider the possibilities afforded by the breakfast bowl, many of us are starting to think outside the cereal box. Obviously, Cornflakes and porridge still have their place. But it’s an essential part of the human condition that we never like to stand still, even if it’s with something as something as banal as a bag of Fruit Loops. 

This need for newness has, particularly recently, resulted in some pretty mad ideas. Last month, hundreds of creative cooks caused a stir, wowing Instagram with an idea for homemade pancake cereal. But progress never stands still. No sooner had the fad found fame, than a new wave of domestic chefs were determined to go one better, turning the humble waffle into the most important meal of the day. The results are spectacular. 

This Waffle Maker Creates Building Bricks:

Much like the pancakes that proceeded it, waffle cereal is basically a miniaturised version of the beloved Belgian carb-bomb. According to the instructions provided by chef on Instagram, anyone wanting to replicate the dish should:

“Make your waffle batter and put it into an icing or Ziplock bag. ⁣Pour the batter over small spaces in the waffle maker (see video).⁣ I cooked on both sides for an even cook because my maker is a little old ? (you can choose to decorate like we did but that’s completely optional).⁣ Put them in a bowl with butter and syrup.”

Predictably, reaction to the new dish has been one of wild excitement. One commenter on Instagram wrote, omg these are so cute! i def want to try this recipe out ?," while another added, "that shii looks hella good. i’m not even gonna play."

As if buttery, bite-sized, sugar-loaded batter chunks weren’t enticing enough, some cooks have taken the idea to the next level. Instead of squirting syrup, some recipes suggest whipping up a quick icing to give the dish an even more decadent, birthday-cakey vibe. Whichever way you look at it, waffle and pancake cereals are certainly helping to make mornings worth waking up for.