The 'worst account on Twitter' shows pictures of people gripping food as hard as they can

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In a world where poisonous public debate is too often placed centre stage, the title of “worst account on Twitter” is not an accolade that should be given lightly. However, one seriously weird food-focused account has decided to wear the title without shame and as a badge of honour, entertaining and horrifying innocent social media users in the process. 

What, I hear you ask, have they done to deserve such a dubious accolade? The answer, apparently, is how pictures of people gripping their food as hard as they can, to the point where it (usually) splatters on screen. It’s not exactly the alt-right propaganda machine, but it’s definitely a bit odd. 

While it’s difficult to tell who exactly is responsible for the account, it’s popularity is certainly striking. Unambiguously titled “@grippingfood” the page has accrued an astonishing 47,000 followers since its first photo was posted on the 4th of July, proving if nothing else that the internet’s appetite for weirdness remains undimmed by a global pandemic. 

Featured amongst the account’s strange collection are photos of spaghetti, Choc Ices and peanut butter, all grabbed with the sort of force that reminds you of Homer Simpson strangling Bart. In one particularly striking image, a man can be seen holding a chicken burger so hard that his finger has exploded through the breast. It’s irresistibly, compellingly bizarre. 

In addition to Gripping Food’s Twitter presence, the movement has also tried to make a splash on Instagram. This account, however, is struggling to take off, with just 82 followers and one photo of a man grabbing a fistful of cornflakes. Clearly, Instagrammers simply don’t have time for the disturbing silliness so beloved by the Twitteratti. 

Whether @grippingfood really is the worst account on Twitter is definitely up for debate. If, for instance, you stand against the merciless desecration of Kit Kats, sour cream and breakfast cereal, you may well take major offence at what you find. For the rest of us, however, it’s just another gloriously peculiar niche in the Twitterverse. Long may it continue.