McDonald's Is Selling A Sandwich Stuffed With Mozzarella Sticks And Fried Chicken

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Adding anything to something as perfect as a fried chicken sandwich is a risky business. Hundreds of talented cooks have tried and failed to improve the formula of crisp fillet, soft bun and some sort of sauce without ever coming up with anything that can rival the original fast food classic. However, just because playing with perfection is difficult doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try. 

In a bid to prove the popular theory that everything is better if you add deep-fried cheese, the world’s most famous food franchise has taken chicken sandwiches to the next level. Not content with keeping things simple, the McDonald’s kitchen has created a dish that smashes two fan favourites together in a glorious, gooey mess. Say hello to the McChicken Mozzarella. 

Currently available exclusively in South Korea, the McChicken Mozzarella is a triumph of imagination over common sense. As per the description on the McDonald’s website, the sandwich “...features big McChicken, two Golden Mozzarella cheese sticks, and spicy Arabian-inspired sauce.” It is as enigmatic as it is intriguing. 

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Understandably, news of the epic sandwich has caused quite a stir amongst jealous McDonald’s fans. One disgruntled Twitterer complained, “Why do other countries get all the good stuff??”, while another demanded to know “...when can we get that here in Canada?!”

However, the reception hasn’t been universally rapturous. One particularly unhappy critic, who documented their experience for Insider, declared that the sandwich was a spectacular let down and failed to live up to the promise of its components. 

Clearly, there will always be those that argue delicious things should always be tinkered with, arguing that you can’t move forward if you aren’t prepared to take a risk. But, for every risktaker, there are just as many traditionalists who’d rather die than let anyone play with their food. There will always be a place for both schools of thought. But perhaps, on this occasion, McDonald’s may have bitten off more than they can chew.