There's a brand new cheese-themed hotel opening in London

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Anyone thinking of patenting their plan for a brilliant new fromage-filled accommodation company, Airbrienbrie, should hold their fire - a cheesy competitor has beaten them to the punch. 

Courtesy of French-themed bistro business, Cafe Rouge, cheese-lovers will soon be able to supplement their time in the UK with a full room and (cheese)board experience at Britain’s brand new cheese hotel. It sounds grate. 

Set to open this month, the hotel will be located near London’s legendary Camden market and will feature everything from cheesy toiletries to wallpaper. Concept art released to help promote the pop-up features wedge-adorned wallpaper and duvets decorated with Emmental holes. There can be little doubting the designers’ commitment to the theme. 

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To top it off, the stay will be supplemented with ‘cheesy’ music playlists, board games and art installations, as well as in-room cheese and crackers and a “Cheese Hotline” for ordering on-demand dairy straight to your room. 

The entire operation, which has been put together to celebrate Cafe Rouge’s cheese-heavy winter menu, will be completely free for anyone fortunate enough to secure a space. However, there are, unsurprisingly, a few catches. 

For starters, only nine guests, each with a plus one, will be allowed to stay at the hotel. In order to grab a spot, applicants will have to send an email to confirming their interest. All successful guests will be contacted by the 21st of January, before being allocated a spot randomly between the 29th of January and the 6th of February. 

Credit: Pixabay/JillWellington

Understandably, the whole situation would be much improved if the cheese hotel were completely open to the public. Apparently, we can’t have anything. Nonetheless, the fact that it even exists clearly makes Camden the place to be this winter.