This building block waffle maker is like eating LEGO for breakfast

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Remember that scene in 50 First Dates where Drew Barrymore's character builds a little hut out of her waffles? Well, as unfunny as that movie was (and it was), I always thought that was a pretty cool way to enjoy this tasty meal.

And now, creating amazing structures out of your breakfast just got a lot easier. Introducing the world's first Building Brick Breakfast Waffle Maker, which describes itself as "the cool new, kitchen appliance gadget - build and play with your breakfast food."

Check out the Building Brick Waffle Maker below:

Your parents may have told you to stop playing with your food, but this product fully encourages it.

This incredible appliance creates waffles in the shapes of building blocks, that actually interlock together - meaning you can build whatever you like! And because you can just keep making more and more waffles, you're only limited by your creativity (and waffle mix).

Credit: Kickstarter

Writing on their official Kickstarter campaign, the people behind this breakfast breakthrough write:

"The technology breakthrough we have all been waiting for!

"We’ve all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Well now it can be the most fun, too.With Building Brick Waffle Maker, build anything you can imagine... And then devour it!

"The Building Brick Waffle Maker is the world's first home & kitchen small appliance gadget that grants small and big kids alike permission to play with their food!

"The Building Brick Waffle Maker is perfect for lazy weekend mornings, sleepovers, snow days, Building Brick parties, breakfast for dinner, or just about any time!"

Credit: Kickstarter

Once created, the team promises that your Brick Waffler will last for "many, many years to come". As they want to see what "generation after generation creates with all those beautiful brick waffles!"

Backers can choose three different pledge levels - $50, $75, $95, or $100 - each with their own unique perks.

And amazingly (but also, completely unexpectedly), the waffle maker has surpassed it's $7,500 US target - and has currently received pledges totaling over $18,000 from 275 backers (as of this writing).

Credit: Kickstarter

Writing on their Facebook page, WaffleWow by Cucina Pro said in a status:

"Fully funded in just over a day! You all are amazing. Thank you so much!!!

"With the Building Brick Waffle Maker, we want to help bring a little fun and brightness into a world that needs it right now. Some things may change; but enjoying meals with loved ones, and our collective desire to build and create will never falter. So let's create! And let's eat! And when your Waffle Maker arrives, let's invite over everyone we know that we won't have seen for a while!

"We have some more fun things in store for you all, but for now let's enjoy our shared victory!"

With less than a month to go before the Kickstarter closes, be sure to show your support if you want to make mealtimes a lot more fun.

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