This restaurant is dedicated to serving chicken nuggets

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Anyone who frequents the world’s fast-food establishments knows that nuggets are the pinnacle of late-night dining. Despite all the tried and tested riffs on the comfort food formula, nothing comes close to the hand-held convenience of a golden hunk of crispy chicken. Whether you’re ordering one or 20, the nug is king. 

Naturally, hundreds of restaurants have had a go at perfecting the basic nugget blueprint. Sadly, all too often this crunchy icon is relegated to an afterthought, included only on “sides” menus, or as a secondary component in a substandard meal deal. Clearly, someone needs to restore the nugget to its rightful place at the top of the tasty tree. 

Fortunately for every avid nugget-enthusiast, there is a restaurant that gives this illustrious ingredient the attention that it deserves. As its name implies, “The Nugget Spot” in New York City is dedicated to preserving and promoting the good name of nug. While some eateries might relegate nuggets to a small subsection of the menu, The Nugget Spot places them front and centre. It is paradise for poultry fans. 

The menu is divided into two distinct sections. “Not Nuggets” covers extras like mixed greens, crispy fries, nacho mac and “stinky trees” - all of which sound delicious. However, they are all outshone by the main event. 

Check out this recipe for Buffalo Halloumi Nuggets:

The “Nugget” section contains no less than eight nugget variations, all of which are available in either vegan or vegetarian options. Included are tasty treats like “The Regs”, “Cap’n Crunch” - made with real Cap’n Crunch cereal for a “salty & sweet combination” - and sweet chilli-spiced Tso Tswag. 

To make matters even more exciting, all the nuggets can be coated in a range of signature sauces, including Smokin' J's BBQ, Shhh Sauce, O.G Ranch, Shady Gravy, Tudie's Bleu Cheese, Nacho Queso, and Truffle Mayo. Nowhere else can nugs be tailored quite like they can at The Nugget Spot. 

Obviously, focusing on such a specific ingredient could limit your mass-market appeal as a restaurant. Given, however, that The Nugget Spot has chosen to go on in something so delicious, we can be pretty sure that it’s a gamble worth taking.