This restaurant is honouring Scotland by deep-frying haggis

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Scotland and deep-frying have a fiercely intimate relationship. Although cultures the world over have harnessed the power of hot oil, few have embraced it quite as fully as the Scots. This is the country that batters Mars Bars and gave us fried chicken. Clearly, their oily credentials are beyond question. 

As Burns night approaches, therefore, it makes sense that some Celticly-inclined restaurants are doing their bit to honour this most Scottish of cooking techniques. Though there are plenty of interesting experiments going on, no one is taking things as seriously as Manchester-based restaurant “The Chippy”. 

Famous for its out-of-the-box thinking around significant holidays, The Chippy has a history of extravagant deep-fried dishes. This year, they may have outdone themselves. As part of their Burns night festivities, the kitchen will be serving up deep-fried haggis. There couldn’t be a more fitting tribute. 

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Discussing the decision to put such a beloved Scottish dish on the menu, restaurant co-owner Liz Bookbinder explained: 

“Scotland is famed for its Battered Mars Bars and since Manchester went mad for our Chippy Turkey Dinner over Christmas, we simply had to put Haggis on the menu for Burns Night. Of course, Haggis won’t appeal to everyone, but it really is a great flavour combo with our chips and gravy.”

Credit: The Chippy

Bookbinder also revealed that the menu isn’t exclusively tailored to hungry carnivores. She added:

“We know a lot of customers are also completing Veganuary and have kept them in mind. Our Vegetarian Haggis includes a mix of pulses, vegetables and spices to give all the flavour hit without the meat.”

“Anyone that can play the bagpipes outside the shop (properly!) will receive a FREE Burns Night Supper. And we’ll also be offering a complimentary can of Irn Bru to any customers brave enough to wear a kilt this Thursday to Sunday.”

As haggis and deep-frying are two of the most Scottish things on the planet, it makes sense that the ultimate Burns night celebration is going to bring the two together.