This Restaurant Serves A 54-Inch Pizza For Home Delivery

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Getting a sense of perspective with a takeaway order can be tricky. No one wants to go hungry when they’ve taken the time to scroll through the delights of Uber Eats. Equally, you don’t want to spend your life savings on an overambitious meal for one. 

However, despite the potential pitfalls, it’s still good to know that when you do feel like throwing caution to the wind and ordering enough food to feed an army, you have the option of going completely over the top. 

Catering to the gluttonous diner in all of us, Big Mama’s & Papa’s Pizzeria in California is a pie-specialist with a difference. Apparently determined to push the boundaries of what it’s possible to fit through a front door, the restaurant’s doughy disks are infamous for their enormous size. Sitting at the pinnacle of the huge pizza pile is the kitchen’s signature “Giant Sicilian”.

As the name suggests, this pizza is an absolute monster. Measuring a mighty 54x54 inches, it was, until 2018, the largest deliverable pizza on the planet, requiring its own unique delivery box to reach its destination. When you delve into the detail of the dish, the stats become even more impressive. 

The giant pie is divided into 200 individual slices and can cater for anywhere between 50 and 70 diners. To construct a pepperoni pizza, over 20 pounds of dough, five pounds of cheese and three pounds of sliced sausage are assembled, resulting in a six-foot-square, 50-pound behemoth. 

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Even baking presents a unique challenge. The size of the pie means that it cannot fit inside a conventional oven, so Big Mama’s & Papa’s have to use a “custom-made extension” to get the job done. According to their website, this extension “sits on the open door & creates a seal between the door & the oven to keep in the heat, as almost a 1/4 of the pizza sticks out of the oven. The pizza is rotated throughout the cooking time to assure it cooks evenly on all sides.”

Understandably, a pizza of this scale doesn’t come cheap. Each order will set you back at least $300 - not accounting for any added extras you might want to include - and requires a 24-hour warning period. That being said, the very fact that a six-foot-pie exists at all should be enough to get every proper pizza fan slightly hot under the collar.