This restaurant serves "boats" that contain $900 of seafood

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There are plenty of tasty ways to invest $900. If you fancied, you could spend several happy weeks working your way through about 2,000 McNuggets, or take a trip to try the street food of Singapore. You could even enjoy one meal at the seriously exclusive Eleven Madison Park, providing you weren’t too overenthusiastic with the winelist

But, for our money, none of these options are anywhere near as exciting as enjoying a literal boatload of fresh crab and lobster.

At Seattle seafood specialist Crawfish King, moderation isn’t on the menu. The kitchen specialises in gigantic portions of fresh shellfish, served up in epic seafood boils. Diners choose their ingredients in “1LB Increments” and can enjoy everything from snow crab legs to jumbo prawns alongside sausages, veg and spicy seasoning. However, it’s the restaurant’s signature boats that really catch the eye. 

Offering a wide sample from across the Crawfish King menu, the boats are the ultimate seafood sharing experience. Though they’re all delicious, the absolute daddy is undoubtedly the aptly named “Royal Feast” - a $900 platter that even the greediest monarch would struggle to see off. 

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Included as part of the enormous platter is an appetiser of raw oysters, cajun fries, wings, grilled shrimp, lobster tail and king crab. This proceeds a gargantuan main event of crawfish, two types of mussels, clams, shrimp two-ways, king crab, snow crab, jumbo prawns, spotted prawns, whole dungeness crab, whole lobster, lobster tails, and dungeness crab legs. 

All of this is served alongside a vegetable and meat medley of corn, potatoes, okra, mixed vegetables, andouille sausages, hot links, Louisiana spicy links, and lil’ smokie sausages. Plus a pudding of macaron ice cream. Provided you’ve left room. 

Understandably, given the scale of the operation, ordering the Royal Feast isn’t as easy as rocking up to the restaurant and tucking in. The kitchen must be notified at least 24 hours in advance before beginning the boil, giving them plenty of time to lay out the aquarium-load of ingredients required. It might not be sophisticated, but there’s no doubt that this serving of seafood has to be seen to be believed.