TikTok cook air fries everything from cookie dough to instant noodles

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Of all the odd inventions born of our desire to be as healthy as possible, the air fryer is easily the most awesome. After you’ve stocked up on spiralisers and juicers, why wouldn’t you want something that can crisp up basically anything without oil? 

Just as with anything that promises so much excitement, there are question marks over just what an air fryer is capable of. We all know about the incredible abilities of boiling hot vats of canola, but can the new gadget produce equally weird and wonderful results? Fortunately, one inquisitive cook has decided to put these questions to the test so you don’t have to. 

Sacrificing both his time and possibly his gadget’s warranty, TikTok cook @airfryerguy has dedicated himself to unravelling the many mysteries of the air fryer. His methodology is simple. Grab hold of the nearest thing in the kitchen and see what happens when it’s cooked. The results are an intriguing smorgasbord of interesting and horrible-looking “dishes”. 

Among @airfryerguy’s victims are sweets such as Starbursts and Hubba Bubba chewing gum, the latter of which, according to an autotuned voiceover in the video, results in something that’s “not very cool”. Other subjects include ingredients as diverse as bananas and instant noodles, proving that curiosity really is one of our most powerful motivators in the kitchen. 

However, alongside the various gloopy, bubbly monstrosities that end up stuck to the insides of his machine, @airfryerguy has also had a few major successes. His page, for instance, shows reveals how you can make a super speedy cooked breakfast, featuring eggs, bread and bacon, in just seven minutes. He has also uncovered a recipe for an air fried cookie cake, made with instance cookie dough. It doesn’t all look like discarded prosthetics from “The Fly”. 

Like many modern kitchen gadgets, you could be forgiven for asking yourself whether there is any point investing in an air fryer. Even if his videos prove nothing else, @airfryerguy has demonstrated that the results are infinitely more interesting than courgetti.