TikTok cook causes carnage after covering her entire dinner table in pasta

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If you want to make a statement with your dinner, no one should feel constrained by plates, knives and forks. Some of the most spectacular meals you will ever eat involve nothing but your hands and a messy table.

However, there are occasions when using crockery isn’t just an inconvenience designed to ruin your artistic dinner party. Eating pasta, it turns out, is one such occasion. 

Providing proof that enjoying Italy’s greatest export really does require more than enthusiastic fingers and an appetite, TikToker @mike_kachowski_ has exploded the internet with a clip of an unconventional family dinner. 

In the footage, a cook can be seen carefully lining a table with tinfoil, before covering the entire thing in several different pots of pasta, sauce and garlic bread. The result looks like the aftermath of a full-blown food war inside Olive Garden and has sparked debate across the internet. 

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The clip, which has been seen over 1.5 million times since it was first posted, has attracted a range of comments from the baffled to the outraged. One fellow user wrote “as a human, imma have to pass,” while another added, “So we’re just goin to forget about plates now ?”.

Despite the negativity and general confusion, however, there were a few supportive voices, with one advocate declaring, “People need to do this when they’re having a lazy day and don’t wanna do dishes”.

The idea seems to have been inspired by a similar trend, dubbed “Nacho Table”, which unsurprisingly involves covering an entire table in nachos before diving in. Although the nacho table technique seems to be proving a little more popular at the moment, the glorious carby mess of pasta table may ultimately end up making a bigger impact. Time will tell if the tables will turn.