Tourists left furious after being charged over $900 for calamari and beer at "Rip-Off" Greek restaurant

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An American tourist was left aghast this week after being charged a whopping €836 for a meal of beer and calamari while on holiday in the Greek island of Mykonos. Posting a picture of his extraordinary bill, the visitor from Brooklyn, New York, took to social media to voice his outrage at the incident, prompting similarly amazed reactions from across the internet.

The photograph in question reveals an almost laughable bill, where items that would ordinarily be regarded as a relatively cheap option are priced like luxuries. Included was a charge of €591 for six plates of calamari, which works out at €98.50 per serving. This was supplemented by a charge of €150 for six local beers, coming in at €25 each, and €59.40 for three chicken Caesar salads. To top it off, the group also accidentally ordered two €9 bottles of water and one €18 tomato juice.

In addition to the photographic evidence, the anonymous individual also categorically stated that “This place is a rip off,” adding that “The staff is not honest and refuse to provide a menu and prices (sic). AVOID THIS PLACE AT ALL COSTS! No pun intended.” Understandably, the reviewer’s negative reaction was unequivocal.

The eatery itself, which has been identified as DK Oyster restaurant, actually has a surprisingly solid rating of four stars out of five on review aggregator Trip Advisor. The restaurant has accrued almost 400 five-star reviews, with comments such as, “Just perfect at all! It feels like a tropical place and the food tastes are incredible! Clear place, excellent foodies, good and logical prices for an luxurious beach bar. This lux beach place has the most amazing food. A tasty meal near the sea in one of the best beaches of Mykonos island.”

However, the restaurant is clearly polarising, with almost 200 customers leaving the worst review possible, with titles such as “One Star Too Many,” and, “What a Crap Hole Rip Off”. One reviewer described “Ridiculous prices, 20 euros for a glass of wine! They will try and avoid giving you a menu, the 14.80 offer is a ploy to draw you in! Some fish dishes are charged per gram, but this is not told to you.” The same customer went on to add, “P.s. Dear manager, your attempt to disguise your own reviews of your restaurant have not gone unnoticed, it’s so obvious and quite pathetic,” suggesting that the five star reviews are not all that they seem.

If the accusations of overcharging turn out to be true, DK Oyster certainly won’t be the first restaurant to be caught out by the internet. Just last week, customers in an Italian eatery near the Vatican were furious after being charged $100 for two burgers and three coffees. In hindsight, they should probably count themselves lucky that they avoided calamari.