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  1. For the meatballs, mix the breadcrumbs with the onion and leave to hydrate for 10 minutes. Make yourself a coffee while you wait. To this, add the eggs, pepper, fennel seed, salt, and a third of each of the meats. Mix well until paste and smooth. Now add all of the remaining ingredients and gently bring together until everything is evenly mixed and is the same colour. Roll into 12-14 balls and place on a tray. Place under the grill for 6-8 minutes, until nicely browned, then turn the meatballs over and return to the grill for a a further 4-6 minutes. Set aside to cool.
  2. For the spinach mix, wilt the spinach with a pinch of salt in a large pan, then shock in ice water, and squeeze very dry. Add to the bowl of a food processor along with the ricotta and pulse to bring it together. Transfer to a clean bowl and add the remaining ingredients. Mix well, then set aside until you build your Timpano.
  3. For the Alfredo sauce, add the double cream, butter, salt, pepper and nutmeg to a pan and bring to a simmer. Reduce by 1/3, then pour over your parboiled rigatoni and add the parmesan. Mix to combine, then set aside until you build your Timpano.