Trojan are sending a penis-themed ice-cream truck around New York for Pride

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Historically, cold things and genitalia haven’t always brought the best out of each other. As anyone who’s had to awkwardly hide their shrunken modesty after a chilly blast in a gym shower will agree, low temperatures don’t tend to work wonders for one’s self esteem. But, as one tongue-in-cheek Pride project is proving, this doesn’t mean that you can’t use something frozen to send a positive message about penises.

Credit: Trojan

Legendary condom manufacturers Trojan have announced that, as part of the celebrations for Pride 2019, they will be sending a very special ice cream truck around the streets of New York. Unlike the usual tired, battered old bangers that pathetically toot out the same four bars of “The Entertainer”, this truck is equipped with a serious mission as well as delicious treats. Throughout the month, the brand new “Trojan ConeC**Ktions Ice Cream Truck” will flog New Yorkers a collection of dick-based desserts as part of the company’s “Pride In Mine” campaign, inspiring customers to love themselves, whatever they may look like.

The truck itself is bedecked in an array of phallic imagery, including a suggestive banana-split and several condom silhouettes. It also comes complete with a menu mirroring almost every conceivable penis-shape, ranging from the enormous “Holy Cow”, to the diminutive “Mighty Munchkin” - which is described as “The perfect bite-sized serving of Neapolitan ice cream with sinfully delicious fudge inside.”

Credit: Trojan

While the casual observer might think that the campaign is just an excuse for someone to drive a giant penis truck around a major city, there is something much more serious at play. The idea was spawned after Trojan conducted a survey that found that around half of all men, and 60 per cent of gay men, have felt judged about their penis. As  Bruce Weiss, Vice President of Marketing for Trojan, explained in a press release, “Trojan ConC**ktions is our way of inspiring guys to take pride in their penises, whatever shape or size. We know that sexual health is an important part of overall health - and that when you're proud of your body, you want to protect it.”

Credit: Trojan

The truck will be making several stops at famous New York City locations over the course of the weekend, as well as making an appearance at the main Pride Parade on Sunday. It might be an unorthodox way to get your message across, but there’s little doubt that the Trojan truck will make an impact.