Twisted: A Cookbook is the perfect Christmas gift

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Twisted: A Cookbook is the perfect Christmas gift for anyone dreading a miserable month of substandard party food.

Are you tired of eating the same sad selection of seasonal snacks? Do you spend the run-in to Christmas cursing anyone who offers you a rubbish mince pie and a sad cocktail sausage?

Worry no more about what you'll be eating this holiday - Twisted: A Cookbook is finally here!

Twisted: A Cookbook is the perfect Christmas gif Twisted: A Cookbook is the perfect Christmas gift - Credit: Twisted

Our new cookbook features an entire section dedicated to Christmas party cooking, meaning there's no excuse not to enjoy yourself this festive season.

Recipes include coronation turkey-stuffed dough balls, a camembert snowflake star and a chocolate-loaded Christmas tree. If that doesn't get you excited for festive snacking, nothing will.

Every recipe has been carefully chosen both for their Christmas spirit and total deliciousness.

Alongside the recipes, you can read fascinating stories about the origin of your favourite Christmas dishes. It's the ideal antidote for anyone who wants their Christmas party to stand out from the crowd.

Watch Hugh make stuffing balls and gravy from the Christmas section of Twisted: A Cookbook

Of course, Twisted: A Cookbook is not just for Christmas. There are also dozens of other delicious recipes for major occasions throughout the year.

For instance, if you're struggling for some Game Day inspiration, why not try out our incredible baked buffalo crack wings?

Alternatively, if you've decided to go easy on animals, we have eight incredible recipes made completely meat-free!

In addition to the awesome "Occasions" section, the book also offers a selection of scintillating dishes based around our favourite ingredients. Whatever you're in the mood for, Twisted: A Cookbook has got you covered.

You can get hold of your copy right here. We guarantee your holiday will be infinitely more delicious if you do!

If there was ever a year to treat yourself, it's definitely this one.