10 Of The Most Insane Themed Restaurants In The World

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When eating out, we tend to look for a couple of standard things in a restaurant. Does it have a lively atmosphere? Is the food worth the dollar? Are the staff standup guys? That kind of thing.

That said, it seems there are some diners out there with a demand for something altogether more bizarre, and feeding this yearning are a range of hugely popular themed restaurants across the world. Below, we've selected 10 of the weirdest. Which one would you dare to enter?

1. Modern Toilet Restaurant (Ximending, Taiwan)

Ever thought about how delicious it would be to eat your lunch straight out of a toilet? No? What about if the dish in question was called "green dysentery"? Still no? Well, you'll be pleased to hear that one restaurant in Taiwan offers just that. In fact, not only do you eat out of mini toilets, you also sit on toilet seats and eat desserts which have a disturbing resemblance to... well, you can guess. Sold?


2. Friends Cafe (Beijing, China)

This cafe, situated in a Beijing shopping centre, is a perfect replica of Central Perk, the fictional cafe from Friends. The owner (self named the "Chinese Gunther") is an mega fan of the sitcom and has carefully put together a menu only featuring food which appears in the show. Apparently it's taken a lot of watching to achieve his accurate level of detail.


3. Zauo (Tokyo, Japan)

Like to know where your food comes from? Then go to this restaurant in Tokyo. Here you're responsible for catching your dinner and then choose how it's served; in sushi, sashimi style or deep fried. This is conscientious sourcing on another level.


4. Twin Stars (Moscow, Russia)

The food served at this restaurant in Moscow won't set your world on fire, but the service is sure to entertain you. The place is staffed entirely by different sets of identical twins, serving identical drinks, wearing identical clothes. Apparently this serving strategy creates a surreal atmosphere; I don't know about surreal... but we're getting The Shining vibes.


5. Dick's Last Resort (Boston, USA)

This place serves up greasy Southern grub with a side of surly attitude. Don't try and complain though, this is all part of the fun. The staff are ordered to be as unpleasant and tetchy as possible. So, if you like the idea of feeling horribly uncomfortable, having a fistful of napkins in the face or getting the wrong food, head here.


6. Cabbages and Condoms (Bangkok, Thailand)

This restaurant in Bangkok serves amazing Thai food in a slightly weird setting. Yep, here you will dine surrounded by condoms. The lampshades, tables, place mats and menus are all made from woven together condoms and a condom family of mannequins greet you when you enter the restaurant. When you've finished (your meal) you are even given a free condom in place of an after-dinner mint... Memorable, to say the least.


7. Disaster Cafe (Costa Brava, Spain)

You know when you're enjoying a nice quiet meal and think, hmm I know what I could do with, a good dose of natural disaster? Yeah, me neither, but at this restaurant in Spain that's what you'll get served up with your patatas bravas. They simulate earthquakes with each sitting of diners, leaving drinks smashed and food spilled. Appealing?


8. Heart Attack Grill (Las Vegas, USA)

You might think obesity epidemics and giving your heart a good kicking are negative concepts, but at Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas they are very much celebrated. Here you will dine on monster burger stacks in a hospital-themed room and even eat for free if you weigh in over 350 pounds.


9. Chicago Sweatlodge (Chicago, USA)

Everyone loves an uncomfortable sweaty dinner... wait, what? Yeah, it doesn't seem like the obvious restaurant concept but it's proven incredibly popular at the Chicago Sweatlodge. Here you can enjoy hot stone massages and oak broom body thrashing, all before sitting down to a topless, damp dinner with your friends. Lovely.


10. The Human Banquet (Tokyo, Japan)

So this might be the weirdest restaurant on the list. Here you gather around an edible body which is slowly dissected by a waiter who uncovers your meal in sections. Unnervingly, each piece of food is covered in a red sauce (which is apparently delicious) to mirror human organs. I reckon mock cannibalism might be a bit sordid for me...


So, if a great tasting meal with good service and a chilled atmosphere is not for you, get these on your bucket list and make a visit. It's guaranteed to be memorable. (Whether that's for the right reasons, we're not so sure.)