15 Pizza Hacks That Will Make You Furious With Their Genius

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What is it about pizza that has such universal appeal? It's a food that almost everyone I know enjoys and that I can be hungry for at any time of the day. Whether it's ordered from a fast-food takeout chain and gorged on the sofa, or delicately eaten in a classy pizzeria, it's always a good shout. It could be thin-crust, or stuffed crust, with pineapples, anchovies, goat's cheese or just plain margarita heated up from the night before. I still don't think I've ever had a bad one.

But while you might well have eaten more pizzas than you can count in your life, you might not know of some of the helpful hacks out there to improve your pizza game by 100%. Luckily for us, there are plenty of pizza-lovers out there on Twitter who were happy to share their life hacks with us - and some of their tips are just too nifty not to try out yourself.

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2. Simple yet brilliant 


3. Who doesn't love free stuff? 


4. Avoid those tongue burns


5. Extra toppings for less


6. Science! 


7. For all you vegans out there


8. An insider hint


9. Keep your cheese perfect


10. I can't wait to try this


11. Have a buffet for nothing


12. Ask and you shall receive 


13. Get more for your money


14. The only decent use for the salad bar


15. Who doesn't like free stuff?


The origins of the baked flatbread are a fascinating avenue of Italian culinary history. The word was first used to describe a simple foodstuff way back in the 10th century, in a Latin manuscript from Gaeta in central Italy. Back then, flatbread was often topped with ingredients such as garlic, salt, lard, cheese, and basil.

However, modern pizza evolved from similar flatbread dishes in Naples, Italy, in the 18th or early 19th century. In fact, it was a common repast for poor sailors and stevedores. Brought to American soil by Italian immigrants in the early 19th century, it has since flourished worldwide, with countless variations.