Check Out The Ice Cream Roll, The Newest Food Trend

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So the summer season is almost finished up for another year and already the days are beginning to darken. Not that it's any less hot and muggy where I live; there's some days it's still positively humid. With that in mind, the best way to cool off and enjoy what's left of the sun is with ice cream. I mean, any excuse for ice cream is a good excuse for ice cream, but it's good to have the benefit of the weather on your side.


But if you want to enjoy some delicious ice cream, you want to do it with some style, right? You don't want to go for the same old thing: cone or tub, flake or sprinkles. You want something that's going to mix up the whole experience and change the dessert big time. So if you're looking for a way to hack your frozen dairy, here's an über-cool treat from South East Asia. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the ice cream roll.


The ice cream roll is simple, novel and genius. It turns those sad, round scoops into little dairy tortillas you can roll up into a wrap and cover in coulis and sprinkles. The process is easy: ice cream is mushed up with squashed fruit, such as banana or raspberry, and flattened out thin on a flat, pre-frozen surface. You can put a smooth-faced chopping board in the freezer for a few hours to achieve this (the thicker the base better).

This will have the effect of acting like a sort of cold frying pan for your ice cream. You can then use a paint-scraper (no really) to shape the re-frozen ice cream into soft rolls like little cold crepes. You can do this by pushing the ice cream away from you with the scraper at a roughly 45º angle, much like you would taking frost off your windshield, but making sure that the ice cream curls beautifully.


Once you've got enough rolls, all that's left is to pop them in a tub or a bowl, add some sauce, sprinkled nuts, maybe even the fruit of your choice - and get eating! I'm craving them myself right about now. But if that's not impressive enough for you and you'd prefer something a bit more challenging, why not take a look at our cool recipe for an ice cream brownie super-sundae. That'll keep your taste buds occupied!