Cheesy Scotch "Eggs"

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Scotch eggs are indisputably Britain's most underrated export. We've given the world the internet, football, the thermos, lightbulbs, the industrial revolution; in short, some bangers. However, our golden orbs of glistening deep fried porky bliss seem to have fallen behind in the list of great culinary achievements. Time to put them back in their rightful place, albeit with a new twist - replace the egg with a decoy made entirely out of cheese! *drops the mic*.


  1. Take a small handful of grated cheddar and press it into the palm of your hand. Place a chunk of red cheddar in the middle and sprinkle another small handful of cheddar on top. Squeeze it all together to make an egg shaped lump of cheese with the red leicester in the centre, then set aside. Repeat another four times.
  2. Mix the mince with the herbs and seasonings. Flatten out a good sized lump of the sausage meat in your palm and place a cheesy egg in the middle, then bring the sausage up around it to form the scotch egg.
  3. Dip the eggs in the flour, then the whisked egg and finally roll them in the breadcrumbs, double dipping in the egg and the breadcrumbs to make an extra crispy crust.
  4. Deep fry for around 6 minutes until cooked through.
  5. Serve with pickles and chutney. Stand back and wait for the crowd to go wild. It's not a real egg!