Coffee In A Cone Is The Next Big Food Craze You'll Love To Hate

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Instagram is a magical place full of fitness inspiration, Kim Kardashian's cleavage, and most importantly: food. From ramen burgers to rainbow cakes to sushi dogs, Instagram is a place where food trends are born, thrive, and die. When was the last time you saw an avo on sourdough post, for example? So 2015.

The latest trend to hit the 'gram is coffee in a cone, a delicious treat that combines our love for caffeine and ice cream in one fell swoop. Since January, over one million images have been tagged #coffeeinacone, and it shows no sign of slowing down.

The craze traces its roots back to The Grind Coffee Company in Johannesburg, South Africa. The small company makes its famous signature drink by coating an ice cream cone in chocolate, and pouring a latte directly into the cone. Customers are reminded that the cone will last about three minutes before it turns into a mushy, hot mess in your hand.

Dayne Levinrad is the barista behind this coffee combination. He told food site Extra Crispy that he had the idea after spending years “working abroad as a coffee consultant and digital marketing executive.” When he returned to South Africa, he came up with #coffeeinacone as a way to “blend the internet’s love for coffee and social media together.”

But don't worry, you don't need to book a flight to Johannesburg to sample the caffeinated beverage. Since the idea took off, copycats have been popping up everywhere, from LA...

... to San Fransisco.

Now, if that little lot wasn't enough to turn you into a coffee-in-a-cone-drinking rouge, then lend me your ear. Did you know that coffee is actually considered to be one of the best hangover cures ever?