Here Comes Vegetable Yogurt: Annoying Foods You'll Be 'Gramming In 2017

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If it looks good, we'll eat it. That's the mantra we Instagram-obsessed foodies have been sticking to for years and thanks to information provided by a new food trend survey, it would appear that good-looking food is here to stay.

The report, which was conducted by British supermarket Waitrose, has revealed that a third of people aged between 18 and 34 regularly post pictures of their meals on social media. Furthermore, With this in mind, it's no surprise that some of the biggest predicted food trends for 2017 are colourful, beautifully presented, and totally grammable.

So what are some of the dishes we can expect to be snapping in 2017? Freakshakes, Polynesian food and watermelon juice were all identified as potential up-and-comers, but in the top spot up, it's veggie yogurt.

Yes, you heard me correctly. US product developers have successfully infused veggie flavours such as carrot, beetroot, sweet potato and tomato into yoghurt for a savoury accompaniment that's being touted as a healthier substitute to soured cream.

Then there's watermelon juice. Beyoncé's just bought a stake in WTRMLN WTR, a hip, trendy juice brand that looks set to take over our supermarkets over the next few months. And where Beyoncé goes, the rest will follow.

Forget sushi, poke bowls are the new raw fish food trend to hit our shelves in 2017. Already a runaway hit with food blogs and trend followers, the giant bowls of yellowfin tuna, rice and salad are the perfect choice for the health conscious among us.

Anyway, who needs cheat days when being healthy looks this delicious?

If you're the kind of person who could never give up your precious sushi for the trendy new poke bowls of 2017, don't worry. Here's a new twist on the old classic that will keep things fresh for years to come.