Creamy Boursin And Strawberry Burger

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1. Remove the stalk and centre and then quarter the strawberries
and toss them with the caster sugar. Leave to draw out the juices
for around half an hour.
2. Place the strawberries in a large saucepan and bring to a gentle
simmer. Cook for 20 minutes until largely broken down but with
some distinct strawberry shaped lumps.
3. Remove the strawberry pieces and leave them to drip through a
4. Bring the juice to a simmer and add the balsamic vinegar. Reduce
until thick then add the strawberries back in and set aside.
5. Light your BBQ and bring it to a good grilling heat.
6. Take a portion of the beef mince and shape it into a circular patty
around 1 ½ cm thick. Place on the grill and season, turning it over
half way through cooking. (If you don’t have a BBQ you can fry in a
hot pan for 2 minutes on each side)
7. While all this is happening, toast your buns on the grill.
8. To assemble, spread the top bun with Boursin.
9. Place iceberg lettuce and tomato on the bottom bun and top with
the patty. Spread the cooled strawberry compote on top and
scatter crispy onions on top, then place the top bun on top of this.
10. At this stage, before serving, we like to wrap our burgers in foil to
help them steam through and all those flavours mix together.
11. Enjoy!