Ham, Cheese and Pesto Sunflower Bread

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  1. Pre-heat oven to 180C (350F). Divide pizza dough in half.  Roll each out to 20” and set on parchment covered with a towel.
  2. Spread pesto in in a ring leaving a 2cm border on the edge.  Spread a small amount of pesto in a circle in the centre about 3” away from the ring, leaving about1 tbsp of pesto. Top the pesto with mozzarella, ham and eventual.  Repeat with remaining and finish with mozzarella.
  3. Place second half of dough on top gently.  Press to seal edges and cut any excess crust from the edge.  Place a bowl over the middle circle.
  4. Using a sharp knife, cut the dough in quarters up to the bowl, Then cut each quarter in half, and continue until you have 16 pieces.  (Feel free to cut them smaller if you want and make !)
  5. Twist each piece up but keep attached to the centre.
  6. Take the bowl off gently and brush the centre with remaining pesto.
  7. Bake in oven for 25 minutes until golden brown and cheese has melted.
  8. Enjoy!